Friday, January 30, 2009

Cover Up!

Aprons are all the rage now, it seems. I have collected so many apron patterns because I love the look of vintage aprons, but somehow it seems I don't even own an apron! I remember as a child wearing an apron every time I did some cooking or baking in Mom's kitchen. My favorite had full sleeves and complete frontal coverage. I was a messy cook from the beginning! I loved putting that apron on--I wonder what happened to it...

So I wanted to direct your attention to a couple apron giveaways going on. I keep entering these hoping to finally acquire an apron. I must have at least 10 different apron patterns. Well, actually, I have at least 12 (upon a quick count), plus one very adorable pattern for mini-apron ornaments, plus one doll aprons pattern! So in about twenty years, when I can venture into my sewing room for a project that takes longer than 10.7 minutes, I will make myself one! Until that happens, I keep entering these giveaways. (And seriously, I would anyways because they are all so cute!)

First, The Apron Goddesses are giving away a Sweetheart of an apron from Carolyn's Kitchen. There are some smokin' aprons available at Carolyn's Kitchen. Carolyn West's vintage-inspired aprons and dish gloves are for the "Suzy Homefaker" in all of us! Check out the giveaway by clicking here.

If you loved what you saw at Carolyn's Kitchen, double your chances of winning an apron from there by also heading over to A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's giveaway. She's giving a black Sweetheart apron away from Carolyn's.

And supposing you just can't get enough of Carolyn's Kitchen, stop by A List Baby and enter to win a pink Sweetheart apron! (This one is closing really soon, though!) Sorry, this one is closed now, but I managed to round up a couple more giveaways at the bottom of this post!

And now for something completely different! Well, not completely... It's still an apron giveaway, but this time featuring Jessie Steele aprons. As part of "Mom Time in '09," Go Graham Go is giving away a vintage inspired apron from Jessie Steele. With matching oven mitts and tea towels, you can reign supreme as kitchen diva! Gosh, these are real beauties--hard to pick a favorite! Don't miss this giveaway!

I'm thinking I entered another Jessie Steele contest the other day, so I will try to see if I can find it around again and post it here later. Want to get these out here now because the A List Baby giveaway is only good until noon central today. Wish I could have given a heads-up sooner!

And yes, obviously, someone needs to keep me away from Joann's 99 cent pattern sales! I just keep buying patterns with the optimistic viewpoint that someday I will have time to sew. But honestly, I'm going to need multiple lifetimes to complete all the patterns and projects I have acquired and keep acquiring!

Edited to add:

Well, I didn't manage to find the other Jessie Steele giveaway I had in mind. (I'm thinking it was probably over anyhow.) But I managed to find a bunch of others. So enjoy!

Bella Casa News is hosting an apron giveaway. Be sure to take a look because this one comes with candy (and a few other goodies)!! Click here for the apron giveaway post.

Here's a chance to win a custom, made just for you apron from Shawnee's Tangled Tales. It's all part of her Golden Versary Giveaway! And because I can't help mysel, I'm also signing up for her apron pattern giveaway while I'm there. Like I need another...

Nicole from Precious Pink Designs is offering any apron from her Etsy shop, Desserts and Skirts, to the winner of her giveaway. I'm loving the pink and blue one myself. She promises they will stand up to plenty of machine washings that would be required by messy cooks like myself!

Family Traditions is giving away a cookbook and apron set. The cookbook looks like it would be a fun one with recipes from storytellers. Enter this giveaway here.

And finally, if one apron is good, then two must be better! So how about a mother and daughter apron set? Get your little cuties in the kitchen with you and make something yummy! is offering this darling set from

So, that's a lot of aprons! I'd just like to offer thanks to all the great bloggers giving away all these aprons. Hopefully I'll be able to tie one on soon!


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